AuctionSetup will photograph items, create ads, upload images, manage the sale and handle collection of funds.

If you have desirable items that are reasonably priced for sale, we will do all the work and pay eBay in advance, subtracting the sales cost from the proceeds of sales. This offer may not be available at all times due to the subjective nature of some items, market conditions, and other factors.

We will work with you on your listings and come to an agreement prior to any commitment on your part.

Commission Rates

AuctionSetup will charge a final commission fee on all products sold through our direct efforts to market and sell your products, either through our online store or auction ads.

Commission is normally 20%
Lower rates are sometimes available for repetitive or very high ticket items.

This Includes:

  • Ad creation
  • Listing Ad on eBay
  • Store placement
  • Fund Collection