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Budget Video Rentals has virtually every camera, accessory, and production tool you can imagine. High Definition Cameras, Audio, Grip, Lighting, Underwater Gear, and More! We can put anything in our catalog in your hands, the same day or next day, with no rental fees for shipping time.
Budget Video also repairs all makes and models of professional video equipment. Repair your broken video camera, recorder, and accessories on your budget. Budget Video has been renting video production equipment since 1972 and they always repaired their own camera equipment in-house.
One to a million copies on DVD, VHS, Beta, DV, CD, PAL or NTSC. Dubs and Dupes will beat any duplication price, delivery schedule, AND customer care. Standards Conversion is available, including all video formats worldwide. You can also edit on AVID or Final Cut in their brand new edit suites.
Tape Stock After Hours will make virtually any quantity of the popular video tape formats available around the clock. The capability to ship counter-to-counter or courier shipments to your location any and every day can save the day if you find yourself in a bind.